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Barbershop For Men

Is it Still Possible to Find a Real Barbershop for Men?

In some areas, it can seem like the old-fashioned barbershop for men doesn't even exist anymore. This is mostly because people who do hair have realized that some women are willing to drop a lot of money on perms, dye jobs, and other services, so most of them have gotten into that. Unfortunately, that market works on a whole different mindset from a barbershop, and often, men who go to these salons end up with heavily moussed hair. While this can look good on some guys, it can be hard to just get a regular men's haircut at such establishments.


Fortunately, there is at least one real barbershop for men left. You'll find it in Catonsville, MD, by the name of Pro Master Barber. They offer all of the modern men's cuts, including military and fade, can do touch-ups properly, and will even trim beards.

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