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Fade Haircuts

Where to Get Fade Haircuts

Thanks to the popularity of fade haircuts, it can seem like everybody with a clipper is trying to offer them in Catonsville, MD. This is a normal response to market demand, but it doesn't mean that all of these people are really good at doing them. To get a good fade, you'll need to find an experienced barber shop like Pro Master Barber.


One of the things that makes fade haircuts difficult is that they typically have a squared-off appearance. This can be prominent or subdued, but at some point, the barber has to basically try to make an oval – your head – look squarer than it is. Doing that requires adjusting the length of your hair from short to long, depending on where they are growing. This requires a great eye and a steady hand. Since any mistakes will bang out like neon signs, you'll definitely want someone with high skills to do the job.

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